Dear All,

We are proud to announce Connect 2020 our annual event. This year as the world struggles with Covid-19 we are going digital and we will deliver the same high quality content as always.

Connect 2020 will remain customer and market centric and will be an opportunity for us to showcase the importance of managing overall margins between the estimated value of data and the overall cost of collecting them.

IoT is still an area with a high potential for return on investment, but more than ever it is often confused and hindered by a lack of understanding about how to tackle it and generate those returns.

The rise of 5G creates the impression that it could replace 0G. At Connect 2020, we won’t just claim the opposite, we will demonstrate it through testimonials with live applications. During the different sessions, organized by vertical, we will detail what customers expect from connecting their assets and how they build their solutions to generate ROI.

While focusing on delivering industrial data collection we are still increasing the efficiency of 0G. We don’t care about throughput (small messages) because it’s hardcoded in our DNA, but there are little details that we are eliminating to help streamline developments and reduce the TCO of customer applications. You will get an overview of our progress and our updated roadmap at the event.

Educating the world on IoT for 10 years, Connect 2020 sounds like the tenth anniversary of Sigfox, and is an opportunity to nail down why we went through all the barriers to deliver the unexpectable for our customers.

18-19, 2020

Join us at Sigfox Connect 2020 to learn how organizations like yours are harnessing the disruptive power of IoT.

Looking forward to e-welcoming you!

Best regards,
Ludovic Le Moan
SIGFOX CEO & Co-Founder