MONITORING SOLUTIONS FOR IBC & SILOS OPTIMIZE YOUR IBC LONGER-TERM STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION LOGISTICS WITH OUR FILL LEVEL MONITORING SOLUTION IBC management in chemical, petrochemical and food industry faces several challenges like out of stock events, manual fill level checking, unplanned urgent deliveries, safety & losses risks. All can be addressed using our innovative solution specially designed for IBCs which allows the chemicals distributor and its clients to save money thanks to the ordering process automation, the fill level remote measuring and the automatic inventory & geolocation OPTIMIZE THE LOGISTICS OF ANIMAL NUTRITION WITH THE CONNECTED SOLUTION FOR SILOS BY NANOLIKE Food dispensing articulates on three main issues: The farm coop needs to optimize its production and to provide an ongoing service to its breeders Urgent and unplanned deliveries are difficult and costly to manage for the farmer coop Procurement management is time consuming for both the farmer (silo visual checking, order management) and the farmer coop (office management) To make this logistics easier, Nanolike offers a remote management solution for silos. The farmer coop can thereby anticipate the orders, make more deliveries on dead days and simplify the process of the farmers (time saving, full truck orders)