Hyunsung is a Korean company specializing in LPWAN IOT device including Sigfox, focusing on the devices for smart logistics business based on low energy tracking technologies with enhanced security function. Key products lines of Hyunsung are as follows. 1. Sigfox RF module with low energy and enhanced security function. We are on the final development stage of Sigfox RF module with strongly enhanced security function, equipped with a security chip to implement L3+ level, will show prototype by the end of November. 2. Logistics tracking devices: Tracker, Post e-Track, e-Seal, and CSD etc. Every IOT logistics devices will be equipped a Sigfox RF security module, providing strong security function. In addition, the monarch protocol will be implemented to support global roaming. 3. AI based logistics tracking platform solution It will support location tracking, security monitoring, data analysis and prediction for end-to-end cargo delivery. We can support this platform solution as a mobile version also.